Where to fish in Giglio Island

Have you ever wondered. Where to fish in Giglio Island? This is an experience you should definitely try if you decide to spend a vacation time here. The island's seabed is still richly populated with every species of fish.

Fishing at Giglio Island: boat and fishing rod

The type of Most common vessel is the "Gozzo", a type of boat that is fast, comfortable, maneuverable and economical in maintenance and consumption . Perfect tool for the kind of fishing and prey that can be caught along the coast or on the frequent shoals that surround the island.

The easiest and most profitable way of angling from the boat is the surface trolling. We need a medium-pound rod (6\12 lb), a reel, (preferably a 6lb rotor) spooled with good braid, to which we can attach about forty yards of 35-gauge nylon and a three-arm length of 30-gauge fluor carbon, to which we can attach our bait.

Fishing at Giglio Island: recommended areas

Once exited Giglio Porto at a speed of 3 to 4 knots maximum, we proceed always keeping to the right about 30 meters from the harbor wall, pointing toward the Scole.

This is also a great spot to catch favorite off-season bait such as snapper, amberjack and garfish (to catch them, the best wick color is yellow).

We go around the Scole, enter the Cinnamon Bay, one of Giglio Island's best-known beaches, we arrive at Dissalatore and repeat the tour; this is a great spot for limoncelli, tombarelli and occhiate.

Between the Cannelle and the Caldane we find the shoal of Cape Marino, one of the favorite spots to fish for snapper and tanneries; in this area the shoal cap is about 80 meters from the coast. To encounter a big fish just go around it following the 40-meter bathymetry. Past the Caldane, before the Torricella begins the shoal, which is located from Priest's Point In front of a little pink house that can be seen on the coast.

This is a great spot for bream and snapper, it is recommended to start trolling in front of the Hotel Hermitage on a 40-meter bottom, maintaining a speed of no more than 1 knot. Continuing to follow the beat to Cat's Paw, we find another fantastic spot where we make a variety of catches of considerable size, with the possibility of encountering both snapper and schools of amberjack.

One of the most beaten spots on the island is the Capel Rosso, points to the far south.

You can set live bait from fifty meters before the ladders leading to the lighthouse and keep a beat of the 25 meters for the first pass, being very careful not to run the keeper aground in the rocks, as this is a rather treacherous spot.

Easier is the 45-meter beat that takes us around the plateau until we encounter a cliff frequented by snappers and large amberjacks. Be on the lookout for moored boats fishing for skipjack, tuna, bream or big tuna; their anchors are often far from the bow and we risk finding them in front of the lead.

From Capel Rosso to Serrone it generally pays to shoot on 50 meters, because the larger amberjacks look for tombarelli, one of their favorite prey, here. Serrone and Pietrabona you can even go for a whole day in both directions if we are well set with bait; you can often catch in several places, around the shoal, either at 25 meters or 50 meters. This is also a good spot to do some sort of boiling with live bait!

Inside the Campese we have the camping shoal or Pinocchios and the Point of the Shoals, which are good spots for bollentine or trolling; here it is usually better to come with the sirocco, in fact the whole bay is sheltered from the wind.

Whenever people talk about a good spot to fish on Giglio Island, they cannot fail to mention the Cross.

In any period in boiling, anchored, trolling, you just have to believe in it and the catch will come!

For those fishing from the shore the best-known spots are, the harbor outside the Red Pier and under the Saracen Tower, the desalinator in the Cannelle; we also recommend spending a night at Capel Rosso on the steps leading to the Lighthouse where the platform is, as well as at the Fenaio platform. Where the Calbugina road ends you leave the path and on the rocks you can fish for bream and bream.

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