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Where to fish in Giglio Island

Have you ever wondered where to fish in Giglio island? It is an experience to try, if you decide to spend here your holidays. The seabed of the island are richly populated by different species of fish.

Fish at Giglio island: boat and fishing rod

The most famous type of boat is the ‘Gozzo’, a speed, comfortable, handy and economic boat in the maintenance and consumption. A perfect tool for the type of fishing and prey that can undermine along the coast or on the frequent dry places that surround the island.

The most profitable and simple way of fishing with the fishing rod from the boat, is the trolling. It is necessary to have a fishing rod of middle pound (6/12 lb), a reel (it is preferable a rotating reel of 6lb), spooled with a good wire braided, to which we can link about 120 feet of nylon of 35 and a clip of three arms of fluor carbon of 30, to which we can attach our bait.

Foto di una ricciola - Pesca Isola del Giglio
Foto di una coppia di dentici - Pesca Isola del Giglio
Foto di un'aguglia - Pesca Isola del Giglio

Fish in Giglio island: recommended areas

Once out of Giglio Porto, at a speed that goes from 3 to 4 knots, we continue keeping to the right at approximately 30 metres from the wall of the port, pointing towards the Scole.

This is an excellent point also to catch the favorite bait out of season, such as snapper, amberjack andgarfish (to catch them, the best color of the wick is yellow).

We go around the Scole, we enter in Cannelle bay, one of the most famous beaches of Giglio island, we arrive at Dissalatore and we repeat the tour; this is an excellent point for bullet tuna, saddled bream.

Between Cannelle and Caldane we find the shallows Capo Marino, one of the best places to fish dentex and tanuta; in this zona the edge of the shallows is about 80 metres from the coast. To meet a big fish, it’s enough to go around it, by following the bathymetry of 40 metres

After Caldane, the shallows begins before Torricella, that is located from Punta del Prete (Priest Edge) in front of a small red house that you can see from the coast

Spiaggia delle Cannelle - Isola del Giglio Spiagge
Faro di Capel Rosso all'Isola del Giglio
Area di pesca lungo la costa gigliese - Pesca Isola del Giglio

This is an excellent point for dentex and saddled breams, we recommend you to start to tow in front of the hotel Hermitage on a seabed of 40 metres, keeping a speed not exceeding 1 knot. Continuing following the bathymetry until Zampa di Gatto, we find another fantastic point where it is possible to do several catches of considerable dimensions, with the possibility to meet both dentex and packs of amberjack

One of the most beaten points of the island is Capel Rosso, extremo south edge

The live bait can be dropped from fifty metres before the ladders that take you to the lighthouse and we keep a bathymetry of 25 metres for the first passage, paying attention not to ground the guardian of the rocks, because it is a quite insidious point

Easier is the bathymetry of 45 metres that takes us going round the plateau, until we meet a popular cliff among dentex and big amberjacks. Be careful to the moored boats that fish bonitos, tanutas, big tunas and saddled breams, their anchors are often very far from the bow and we risk to meet them in front of the lead

From Capel Rosso to Serrone it is preferable to turn on 50 metres, because. the biggest amberjacks search the bullet tunas, one of their favorite prey. Serrone and Pietrabona can be pursued in both directions even for an entire day, if we have enough bait; it is possible to often catch in different points, around the shallows, both at 25 metres and 50 metres. This is also a good point to make bolentino with live bait!

Inside Campese we have the campsite shallows or Pinocchi one and the Punta delle Secche, which are excellent points for bolentino or trolling; here you’d better come with scirocco (south wind) in fact the whole bay is sheltered from the wind

Every time we talk about a good point where to fish at Giglio island, we must mention the Croce

In every period, with bolentino, anchored, trolling, it is enough to believe it and the catch will arrive.

For those who fish from the shore, the most famous points are, the port outside the red pier (molo rosso) and under the Saracen tower, the dissalatore in Cannelle; we recommend also to spend a night at Capel rosso on the ladders that takes us to the lighthouse where there is the platform, and Fenaio platform. Where the road of Calbugina ends, we leave the path and sea breams and saddled breams can be caught on the rocks.

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