Giglio Island: beaches to visit

From big beaches to coves 

Buses are operated by Autolinee Toscane and connect Giglio Porto with Giglio Castello and Giglio Campese.

Talk about the beaches present on the island of Giglio is not as straightforward as it seems. In this section we will try to present them to you in preview, confident that when you go to discover them live during your vacation period, you will be able to appreciate them with greater gusto (perhaps by staying in one of our apartments for rent).

The extraordinary variety of the Gigliese territory manifests itself especially from the naturalistic point of view, with nature still in some ways wild and authentic. Those who come on vacation will not fail to appreciate all the part related to the beaches that can be found on the island of Giglio (and related bathing facilities, especially in more tourist destinations).

The whole natural and more hidden part, but ready to reveal itself to the most attentive tourist, should also not be forgotten. In fact, there are not a few coves of the island of Giglio, totally natural places that have remained intact since the birth of this territory, which can be reached in some cases:

  • Only with the help of boats;
  • walking through the narrow streets that characterize the local hiking trails, also a destination for hiking and trekking lovers.

Giglio Island boasts a coastline as long as 28 km, with an alternation of secluded coves, cliffs and fine sandy beaches, free and equipped.

Sea of Giglio Island: the top for summer

Much of the tourism we have in the summer months points strongly to the Discovery of the beaches of Giglio Island. There is a wide choice between those who like a classic day to relax and sunbathe, and those who like to discover the more special parts of the Giglio coast, perhaps preferring snorkeling and visiting the corners of paradise with fewer facilities but more secluded. Here we want to give way to all those who, once they get off the ferry, aim to experience a vacation that is as rich and satisfying as possible.

To do this, it is good to inquire in good time And learn about the beaches and coves found at Giglio, so that we can give each of you a way to choose in advance the most suitable places in which to spend your vacation days. To begin with, we can first make a distinction between Beaches present on the east coast of Giglio Island and those present on the west coast.

This is a useful distinction especially to facilitate our explanation of the various beaches and coves you will find here:

  • with the west coast which mainly concerns the area of Giglio Porto (here find our apartments for rent);
  • with the east coast which is the part about the area of Lily Campese (for rents click here).

East coast beaches (Giglio Porto area)

Scalettino Beach

It is located, coming down from the ferry on the right, after about 300 meters. It is one of the free beaches of the island of Giglio, to be precise a small sandy beach, which gives daily tourists and boaters some refreshment on hot summer days.

Next to the Scalettino beach is a part of smooth rocks that slope down to the sea, very suitable for those who, while staying in the harbor, feel like "secluding themselves."

Saracen Cove

It owes its name to the ancient Saracen tower next door. It is located, coming off the ferry, on the left after about 150 meters.

Caletta del Saraceno is a tiny tongue of sand, made mostly of pebbles, but with many smooth rocks and wonderful seabed. Here, too, it is possible to isolate oneself, despite being a stone's throw from the center of Giglio Porto.

Cannelle Beach

Definitely one of the best known of the beaches on the island of Giglio. Located south of the resort of Giglio Porto, renowned for its beach composed of quartz grains, it can be reached on foot (in about 20 minutes) or by cab service.

Served by bars and bathing establishments, it also offers a stretch of free beach. Its seabed is shallow and therefore suitable for small children.


Emerald Cove

This beautiful rocky beach is located very close to the Cannelle beach, heading south from Giglio Porto.

It is named for the clarity of its waters, and it can be reached very easily from the road via an easy path.

Caldane Beach

Located south of Cannelle Beach, it owes its name to its physical characteristics. As it is sheltered from the wind, it gives a feeling of intense heat, like caldana (hence the name of this Giglio Island beach).

It can only be reached on foot, with a walk of about 40 minutes, and by boat, so it is very quiet. Beautiful with its rocks, vegetation, granite sand, and especially with its seabed.


Red Capel Point

It owes its color to the reddish colors of the mosses that recur there (the rocks, branching out, look like red hair).

Located in the southern tip of the island of Giglio, there is one of two operational lighthouses, a typical place for smooth granite slabs that reach down to the sea and allow people to bathe in spectacular cobalt blue water.

Arenella Beach

Located north of Giglio Porto, characterized by fine white sand and shallow waters, Arenella Bay is a favorite of those who like to experience the sea in tranquility, away from music, small bars and the typical chatter of crowded beaches.

Giglio Island: west coast beaches (Giglio Campese area)

Campese Bay

Among the beaches of Giglio Island, a visit to Campese Bay is not to be missed. Located in the northwestern part of Giglio, it is its largest bay. Popular with young people but also well equipped for families with children, it often hosts sporting events. The Tuscan island, in fact, has much to offer both to those who want a totally relaxing vacation and to those who can't sit still, even on vacation. Fans of water sports, snorkeling and diving will find several specialized centers here where they can rent equipment.

Pertuso Cove

Small cove to the left of Giglio Campese beach, accessible only by foot, about a 15-minute walk, and by boat. Named so because it is as small as a "pertugio."

Beautiful backdrops and views, away from the hustle and bustle of Campese Beach.



It is so named because it is close to the Faraglione rock, which can only be reached by foot, about a 30-minute walk, and by boat.

It is a small nook composed of pebbles and rocks emerging from the water, sheltered from the wind, excellent for snorkeling.



It owes its name to the fact that in ancient times there was a freshwater hot spring that could only be reached on foot (about 45 minutes from Campese) and by boat.

The beach consists of rounded pebbles of various sizes, which we Gigliese call "pebbles" (some are very special). In this place it feels like an ocean beach, with the open sea in front.



Alum Cove

It owes its name to the old mine that was active in our grandparents' time, with the entrance still visible.

Reachable only on foot and by boat, it is a cove of dark rocks, somewhat different from the rest of the Island; beach of more or less large stones and beautiful seabed.

Crow Cove

It owes its name to the fact that crows used to nest there. Large inlet of stones and rocks, accessible only by boat. Here, too, you can find breathtaking seabed.


Shooters Cove

Wonderful large cliff entirely smooth, going directly into the sea.

North Fenaio Point

In this area there is an old abandoned but still functioning lighthouse.

We hope that this roundup of our brief Presentation of the beaches present on the Island of Giglio may have been to your liking.

La our real estate agency is pleased to be able to host you at one of the available rental apartments so that you can explore them one by one. There is, in addition, the opportunity to visit the special section dedicated to the apartments for sale, if you have decided to always have at your disposal an apartment for your period of Giglio Island vacations.

For any info please feel free to contact us by filling out the contact form below, or by calling us at 348 8041620. 

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