How to get to Giglio

How to get to Giglio Island from the north and south

Giglio Island: how to get there?

It's very simple, just follow our tips so you will have no doubt when you want to travel to our island for a vacation you will not forget! To get to Giglio Island, if you are by car or motorcycle and want to take it with you, keep in mind that you need to board the vehicle with Toremar or Maregiglio.

The embarkation point is located at Porto Santo Stefano (Monte Argentario - GR).

For those coming from the south, once you pass Rome, you must take the SS1 Aurelia in the direction of Orbetello; once you get to the Orbetello junction, exit and drive through the town. Finally take after the lagoon bridge to Porto Santo Stefano at the next junction.

For those coming from Florence Instead, Leaving the Aurelia after the end of the pine forest at Albinia. and turn right as soon as you see the sea with Argentario on the horizon.

Giglio Island boarding: how to do it with simplicity

As you can read, both from the south and the north, it is easy to reach the embarkation for Giglio, as signage is plentiful and still reads "Giglio Island" or "Giglio Island Embarkation" as well as "Porto Santo Stefano".

To get to Giglio Island, as soon as you arrive in the center of Porto Santo Stefano (vehicle boarding only) you need to cross the harbor and arrive at the pier in a "clockwise" direction. Afterwards you need to go around the green area adjacent to the wharf, and as soon as you notice the turn to the right toward the main wharf you can queue up to board.

The advice is to Go to the boarding point for Isola del Giglio at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

Once on board you will have about 1 hour of travel time ahead of you, covering the approximately 19 km distance between Giglio Porto and Porto Santo Stefano. A short period of time however, which you can easily cover while enjoying the pleasant sea breeze.

Where to leave the car in Porto Santo Stefano

In your route to get to the island of Giglio, do you want to leave the car in Porto Santo Stefano and not take it with you (recommended operation)? Our recommendation is the Argentario soccer field., made, in the peak season, a large parking lot.

Cost. 10 euros per day (multi-day discount).

Giglio Island: how to get there by boarding cars in summer

The ships are numerous and run continuous service in summer or late spring, but keep in mind that it is almost mandatory to make reservations to transport the car.

It is absolutely impossible in peak season to find a place "by chance" free. The waiting lists for the unbooked are always very long.

Keep in mind that. in the August period (usually including the first 3 weeks) transportation of vehicles on the island (the car and motorcycle with Italian license plates). Is regulated by a municipal permit.

This must be shown upon request by the Giglio Island Municipal Police and kept inside the vehicle for the entire period of the stay.

Also during this period, it will be mandatory to stay on the island for at least 5 days in order to bring your vehicle to embarkation for Giglio Island.

Download the preprint, fill it out and bring it with you!!!

If, after seeing how to get to Giglio Island, you are interested in spending a stay for your summer vacation, please feel free to contact us.

Isola del Giglio Immobiliare provides you with a good number of apartments for rent in Giglio Campese, Giglio Porto, Giglio Castello and Cannelle.

There is, in addition, the opportunity to visit the special section dedicated to apartments for sale.

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