Giglio Island Hotels

Treat yourself to a totally relaxing stay on Giglio Island is the best choice you can make. Few places in Italy, in fact, are as beautiful and rich in natural charm as this unique area.

As soon as you arrive you can immediately appreciate thepicturesque atmosphere of the place, thanks to the panorama of houses in variegated hues that can be found especially at the Port, as well as the high and irregular coastline, with the unmistakable backdrop of the Mediterranean maquis.

Booking a hotel in Giglio Island is definitely an option to consider for your trip. Once you take your room, you will have nothing to do but explore the area in peace, without having to resort to the daily ferries that provide transportation to and from the island at specific times each day.

Where to find a hotel at the Giglio Island

Although Giglio is not a large island, we must keep in mind what is the location of the various hotel facilities there so that we can choose the one that suits us best.

There are a total of thirteen hotels on Giglio Island, and are mainly located in the area between Giglio Porto and Campese, two of the main population centers.

In contrast to these, we note that the area of Giglio Castello appears to be devoid of hotels of any kind, probably because of its location less close to the coast.

Book a room in the hotel in Giglio Porto, for example, can be a practical and convenient solution if one does not want to stray too far from the ferry docking area. In order to get around, one need only rely on the bus service, which will allow you to move along the interior and, most importantly, to the Some of Giglio Island's most beautiful beaches.

This area is, in fact, renowned for its hospitable and beautiful coastline to visit, embellished by transparent waters and welcomed by the welcoming embrace of the mountainous area behind it. We are talking about one-of-a-kind views, which you will be able to experience firsthand simply by laying down your beach towel in places like the Caldane Beach or the thousands of others at your disposal.

Why book at a hotel on Giglio Island

Undoubtedly, those who take advantage of a stay at one of the hotels on Giglio Island want to To spend one's time in absolute relaxation, without particular hassle and without having to do all those activities that are done daily at home (just think of preparing lunches and dinners).

Even room cleanliness, although it remains something that depends heavily on the guest's politeness, is not a problem to be dealt with, with classic housekeeping services that will know how to get your room back in perfect condition once you return after a long day out.

Hotel facilities on the island are, in addition, full of comforts and services, and will allow you to spend days of absolute relaxation.

Concrete alternatives to hotels on Giglio Island.

Are you not convinced about this type of accommodation and wish to find an alternative at a good price, but of safe quality? An excellent option you can consider is to rely on one of the many apartments for rent on Giglio Island.

What are the advantages of this choice?

  • Costs are extremely low, if we go to consider the rental and real estate sales market in this area; every year these favorable conditions prompt more and more people to think about value alternatives to classic hotels.
  • There are undoubted conveniences in renting an apartment at Giglio rather than a hotel room: first of all, one will be able to devote oneself to one's favorite activities without having to worry too much about concierge hours to keep or whatever.
  • There will also be zero "gastronomic constraints"very often tied to hotel package deals, and, a detail not to be overlooked, using an apartment on Giglio Island means being able to enjoy - if you wish - the company of your friends in total freedom, without having to submit to the obvious constraints of your own hotel room.
  • At the same time, staying in an apartment allows you to Truly savor the lifestyle of the place you are in; some houses may be close to realities that are usually not close to hotels, such as a local produce market, a store that sells the catch of the day, or perhaps, a small beach, reachable only on foot.

If you wish to take advantage of this option, and not resort to one of the hotels on Giglio Island, you can choose from numerous availabilities, located in different areas of the territory. In this way you will be able to select the perfect apartment for your needs, perhaps close to the sea or closer to the city center.

If you do not want to resort to renting, and you have the desire to keep a house to yourself, at which you can take refuge at any time of the year, you may also decide to look at one of the many apartments for sale on Giglio Island; the possibilities are not few and can vary on different price ranges.

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