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Ferries Giglio Island 2021

Giglio Island ferries 2021

Isola del Giglio ferries: spend your holiday easily arriving by ship

Are you planning to visit Il Giglio for a holiday of a few days or even just for a small tourist getaway of just one day? Then it is good to inquire about the ferries to the Giglio Island!

Although there are numerous companies that organize mini-cruises around the Tuscan Archipelago, and which also include the Island of Giglio among their routes, the best solution for all those who, from the Tyrrhenian coast, move to the Giglio coast, is to use the ferry.

traghetto isola del giglio a p.s stefano

The ferries to Giglio are the safest way to reach your destination without any problems, as they are large and modern ships (also including a bar / refreshment area and bathrooms).

They allow, through several daily trips, to reach the Gigliese coast and the town of Giglio Porto (which, remember, is the main landing point for all boats arriving on the island and where we also have numerous apartments for rent).

The ferry that leads to the Island of Giglio allows you not only to arrive comfortably at your destination, but also to be able to better organize your holiday by bringing your car or motorbike with you, paying a surcharge for transport compared to the normal cost for individual passengers.

But pay attention! Although there is no limitation for the ferries that lead to Giglio (unless the ship is already full at the time of booking) it should be remembered that during the month of August there are 3 weeks in which the car and the motorbike. They CANNOT be brought into the Giglio area if a self-certification has not been completed first.

This applies if you stay at Giglio for at least 5 days. The self-certification must be shown upon disembarkation and must be kept inside the vehicle throughout your stay).

But what are the shipping companies that own a fleet of ferries to the Giglio Island? How is the reservation made and what are the times and price ranges available? Let’s see it briefly together!

Isola del Giglio ferry: shipping companies

For all those who wish to arrive on the Giglio coast, we have seen how the ferry is the ideal way to get there easily and in total safety. But what are the shipping companies available to make this journey?

In our case it is possible to choose between two options:

  • the Maregiglio ferry company;
  • the Toremar company.

Both have a departure and return point established in Porto Santo Stefano, one of the two inhabited centers (together with Porto Ercole) located on the Argentario Promontory.

Toremar Giglio

Toremar Giglio, also known as Toscana Regionale Marittima S.p.A, is a shipping company with a long history behind it. having been operational since the mid-1970s.

The Toremar Giglio connects the Tuscan coast with the island of Giglio with its ferries, but not only.

The destinations of Capraia, Gorgona and Pianosa are also interesting.

The website with which to find out more about the Toremar company is: and you can contact the call center at 800 304035.

Maregiglio ferries to Giglio

Maregiglio is a shipping company that has an even longer history than Toremar, as it has been operating since 1969.

It is a group that over the years has organized a highly respected fleet of ferries to the Giglio and Giannutri Islands and today is able to guarantee an excellent transport service for both passengers and motorcycles and cars.

The website with which to find out more about the Maregiglio company is:, where you will also find all their contacts.

Ferry ticket office for Giglio

Getting to the Toremar and Maregiglio ticket office in Porto Santo Stefano is really simple.

As you can see in the figure, they are both located a few steps from the boarding point for the ferries to Giglio Island, precisely in Piazzale Facchinetti 7/8.

You will not even have the problem of having to ask for information on the Toremar ticket office or the Maregiglio ticket office, as they are located in the same room.

Traghetti isola del giglio, biglietteria Maregiglio a Porto Santo Stefano

The Maregiglio ticket office at Giglio Porto is instead located in Via Umberto I 22, really close to the ferry port, impossible to go wrong!

Traghetti isola del giglio, biglietteria Maregiglio a Giglio Porto

Giglio ferry timetables: all the information you need to know

Having ascertained that the ferry is the means par excellence to arrive on the Giglio coast, it is important to know what the ferry timetables for the Giglio Island are available depending on the period.

Both the Toremar and the Maregiglio, guarantee a certain number of daily trips, which allow the connection with the Tuscan coast not only for tourists, but also for residents on the island.

Except for situations of extreme problems due to weather conditions, races are guaranteed every day of the year.

On this page you will find the timetables for the Maregiglio ferries and the Toremar 2021 timetables for the return ferries to the Giglio Island.

The times in the link below are valid for the month of May 2021.

Giglio Island Ferry Schedules May 2021

Finding out about the ferry timetables for Giglio is important, as we recommend that everyone arrive at least 30 minutes before departure to complete the boarding procedures, especially if you are traveling with a car or motorbike.

The timetables of the Porto Santo Stefano – Giglio ferries are designed to cover the most important time slots and not to overlap each other, considering that the distance from Porto Santo Stefano to Giglio Porto is about 19 km, which are covered with about 1 hour. navigation.

Isola del Giglio ferry: prices and booking methods

traghetto per Isola del Giglio in arrivo a Giglio Porto

Booking the ferry is of fundamental importance, especially if you do not want to have surprises and find yourself without the possibility of leaving or returning due to too many people on board.

While the situation is certainly calmer during the winter months, this cannot be said during the summer, where the number of passengers and requests is much higher.

We recommend booking online even a few days before the scheduled departure, especially considering the regulations in force against Covid-19, which limit the places inside the ferries and do not allow them to be completely filled.

As for how to book ferries to the Giglio Island, you can go directly to the ticket offices of the shipping companies, or book easily online, where you can easily see the availability of the ferries and timetables from home. , with an easy price calculation.

Ferry prices for round trip

Costs may vary depending on the period, but on average we can say that:

  • ferry prices per passenger are approximately equal to 26 euros for the return fare, with a reduction for children up to 11 years of age;
  • if you decide to bring a car with us, it is important to inquire about the length and width of the vehicle, since based on that you can have a price variation (starting from an average of about 40 euros, up to over 60, therefore with a price ranging from 80 to 120 euros for the round trip formula);
  • the price for a return ticket to embark a motorbike is approximately 40 euros;
  • the price for a return ticket to embark a bike is approximately 13-15 euros.

In any case, it is good to inquire about the booking procedures and the news provided by the shipping companies, to ensure that your ferry trip to the Giglio Island can be better organized.

If, on the other hand, you want information on the availability of our apartments for rent in Giglio, contact us using the contact form below!

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