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Campsites on Giglio Island

Do you love outdoor life? A camping holiday at Giglio island is surely an experience to try, with friends or family!

It is an accommodation arrangement particularly appreciated, especially in this economically unstable period, thanks to the less economic disbursement and to the possibility to be in direct contact with nature.

To stay in a campsite, it is enough to rent the space that is offered by the tourist accommodation, where it is possible to pitch a tent or leave our camper; as well as having our own place, you will also have some unmissable services, such as the areas equipped with sockets or the shared bathrooms where it is possible to have a shower, after a long day at the beach.

Particolare campeggi Isola del Giglio
Giglio Campese - Campeggi ed alberghi Isola del Giglio

What campsites can you find at Giglio island?

If you’re not well informed yet, be aware that there is only a real campsite at Giglio island, that is located in Sparavieri locality, basically close to Giglio campese, one of the main villages.

We are talking about the Baia del Sole (“bay of the sun”), a facility that takes its name from the presence of several terraces that overlook the bay of rare beauty. The space offered by this campsite is particularly large and can accommodate campers or caravans, in addition to an area exclusively intended for camping tents, and an area with bungalows tukul or little houses; these solutions are the ideal for those who wish to have a more comfortable stay, but always in close contact with the environment of the island!

Choose to spend your holiday in this campsite at Giglio island, ensures a remarkable freedom for what concerns the schedules of the stay; we can freely decide to spend the whole holiday at the bay, or move at one of the several beaches of Giglio island, an activity that surely we can not recommend, considering the wide presence of splendid and varied coastal landscapes inside a relatively small territory.

What services can be found at the campsite Baia del sole at Giglio island?

  • There is no lack of the classic services of catering, from the bar, always well-stocked, the best for a quick stop, until the restaurant area, suitable for a quieter lunch or a dinner. There is also a convenience store area, for those who want to buy food to prepare a lunch in the tent, or to use for a packed lunch, maybe during a walk in one of the many paths which are distributed within the Giglio territory.
  • The reserved area for the camping is easily accessible for everyone, even for those who have disability. We report the possibility to use the Wi-Fi network with a small surcharge, besides the presence of Vodafone network and Poste mobile one.
  • The campsite also accepts our 4-legged friends, but only until the end of July (it is not possible to bring them during August).
  • To reach Baia del Sole it is possible to use the bus service of Giglio island too, with a bus stop located close to the main entrance; from there it will be possible to move easily towards the main villages and the most famous coastal zones, up to Giglio Porto, traditional debarkation area of ferries and ships.

What spaces can be rented at the campsite Baia del sole at Giglio island?

It is possible to stay by renting one of the numerous available pitches, by choosing among the “half pitch”, suitable for a small two-man tent, the “three-quarter pitch”, for a tent up to 4 places, the entire pitch that includes a space equal to 6 metres x 6 (it is possible to ulteriorly increase this area), where it is possible to place a caravan/camper, a big tent or a truck tent.

As already mentioned, those who desire more comfort can rent a little house bungalow, that is to say a wooden structure that can accommodate up to 2 people, or a bungalow tukul, that includes a total of 3 sleeping accommodations. These 2 types of accommodations don’t have any kitchenette nor bathroom, they only represent a more stable form of accommodation, in comparison with the tent.

Prices change on average of 200-300 euros in tent, to spend a week with 4 people, to 400 euros for those who want to sleep in a bungalow in high season.

This choice can be a valid option especially for those who love nature and don’t need particular services or comfort.

The campsite offers numerous shared services … not the best for those who don’t like sharing common important areas with other people, such as the bathroom

Giglio Porto - Campeggi ed alberghi Isola del Giglio
Particolare di Giglio Porto - Campeggi ed alberghi Isola del Giglio

Quality alternatives to the campsite at Giglio island, with low costs

Not everyone is suitable to stay in a campsite. It is necessary to carefully consider the pros and cons:

  • First of all there is the risk to find yourself in a particularly crowded place, having to use a discreet adaptability that is not of anyone, especially if there are disrespectful and confusing people in the close tents
  • Sharing a common bathroom with other guests is an additional duty, that not everyone may consider a so relaxing experience!

For those who desire an alternative of definite value, without spending an important sum of money, we recommend to rent an apartment at Giglio island! You won’t miss anything from the point of view of the quality of the offer that this area can actually offer you!

The chance to have your own space, whether it’s about hosting a group of friends, a family, or a couple, it allows to organize the entire day in total freedom

It will possible to relax without cackles of any kind, to prepare a good lunch or a dinner by buying local products; this type of stay can be a great way to give to your holiday that something extra, that you were looking for.

The greatest autonomy in the organization of time and space will allow you, also, to think about the activities that you can do during your stay.

Our real estate agency on the island of Giglio has an excellent selection of apartments for rent, which represent a top-notch alternative to a camping holiday.

Click on the area of ​​the Giglio area that interests you most:

If you wish to use an apartment situated in an area of the island that you particularly like, in any moment of the year, without the risk to find it rented by other people, the best solution is to buy an apartment among the selection of houses for sale at Giglio island, with the possibility to focus on buildings of different size and location, that can satisfy the needs of your budget.

For more information call 348 804 1620, or even fill in the following contact form!

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