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Apartments for sale in Giglio Castello

Buy an apartment in Giglio Castello, named one of the most beautiful villages in Italy

Many of you will have had the opportunity to consult the guide to the “Most Beautiful Villages in Italy“, which you can find online on a special website, but which has also been published in paper format.

It contains a list of small Italian towns considered to be of significant historical and artistic interest; among these is the town of Giglio Castello for Tuscany, probably the most important place from a historical point of view of the entire Giglio Island.

The decision to focus on one of the houses for sale in Giglio Castello to settle in this small but characteristic village, can only be considered strange at first sight.

Actually owning an apartment in Giglio Castello can be a very interesting solution, for those who love being able to stay on this island even only for some holiday periods during the year (it can easily become a second home for the holidays, not necessarily yours. only residence), surrounded by the history that reigns along the alleys and streets of a village that will take you back in time in no time at all.

You will find yourself in a more secluded area of ​​the Giglio, far from the noise of summer tourism, but you will not be far from the sea anyway and you can reach the main areas of interest in a short time. For example:

  • Giglio Porto is just under 6km away, it takes no more than 10 minutes by car;
  • Giglio Campese is about 6.2 km away, even in this case it will be just over 10 minutes by car;
  • Always considering these distances, you can reach one of the beautiful beaches of Giglio, such as Cala dell’Arenella
  • From Giglio Castello, if you are a lover of paths and trekking, there are also a series of very interesting itineraries for excursions, which can lead you to some interesting places in the Giglio area such as Punta del Capel Rosso or Poggio del Sasso Ritto.

If the location seems interesting to you, there are also a whole series of places to see and attractions that could make you incline to purchase one of the apartments for sale in Giglio Castello.

What to see in Giglio Castello

vista di Giglio CastelloFirst of all we can mention the military structures, such as the ancient walls of Giglio Castello, dating back to medieval times and renovated in the 16th century by the Medici. The sight of these walls will make you be fascinated, thanks to its irregular perimeter that encloses the village for about 1km, with over ten watchtowers.

From the panoramic terraces placed on the walls of Giglio Castello you can admire a splendid view of the entire Tuscan Archipelago, with the possibility of seeing the Tyrrhenian coast and Corsica on days when the sky is cleaner.

The small streets of the village, narrow and in some cases sloping (we are at an altitude of about 405 meters above sea level) will take you to a different dimension, where time seems to pass slowly, without the frenzy and pollution that you will find in big cities.

Among the symbols of Giglio Castello we cannot fail to mention the Rocca Aldobrandesca, which stands in the highest part of the village, the Church of San Pietro Apostolo, the largest religious building in the village, dating back to the 15th century and containing the relics inside. of San Mamiliano, protector of the area of ​​islands of the Tuscan Archipelago.

Considering our proposal of houses for sale in Giglio Castello, you will have the opportunity to live a stone’s throw from the history that is breathed every day within this village; an opportunity that is perhaps not designed for everyone, but is suitable for all those who love the tranquility of small villages and the history contained in them.

Houses for sale in Giglio Castello: the offer of Isola del Giglio Immobiliare

Our agency focuses strongly not only on rentals, but also on house sales, and consequently on this page you will find a varied selection of apartments for sale at the Castello di Isola del Giglio, from renovated apartments to three-room apartments with sea view up to studios. , trying to meet all needs (space, but also budget).

To be able to buy one of the apartments for sale that are located in Giglio Castello, all you have to do is view the photos in this section of the site. Once you have found the one of your preference, you can contact our agency by phone or through the contact form, so that we can organize a visit to the island with us (also an excellent excuse to take a few days off and discover the our beautiful territory) and view the house directly.

Our agency will follow you in all the steps, until the completion of the negotiation and the signing of the deed, if you are looking for a house for sale in Giglio Castello, here we have what is right for you!

If you are interested in viewing other apartments for sale, we advise you not to miss our selection of houses for sale in Giglio Porto, Giglio Campese and Cannelle.

For info contact 348 804 1620 or fill out the following contact form!

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